Monday, 28 May 2012

Allah suka kecantikan^^

Beauty itself boasts about the beauty of the Messenger (saw)
The beauty of galaxies are only the dust of your feet
O Caravan of the desirous! Walk barefoot towards Madinah
The thorns on your way are softer than flowers
When Allah allah Allah is Beauty and likes Beauty Himself likes beauty, we can only imagine how beautiful He would have made the one whom He chose as his beloved. Hazrat Anas (ra) said that Prophet Muhammad saws Allah is Beauty and likes Beauty was the most handsome amongst all the Prophet (as) and that his hands were softer than silk
“My eye has not seen anything as beautiful as you
No woman has ever borne anyone as beautiful as you
Pure from imperfections, as if your features were of your own choosing”
Hazrat Aishah Siddiqa (ra) is known to have said
“Oh Zulaikha, you only cut your fingers at seeing (Hazrat) Yusuf (as). Had you seen the Messenger of Allah allah Allah is Beauty and likes Beauty, you would have cut open your heart.” She also said, “The sky has its sun, we have our own sun”
In another narration, we are told that Halima Sadia’s daughter Shima used to ask her mother to send her brother with her when she would go to tend the sheep. When asked why, Shima said to her mother, “I notice that the sheep graze quickly whenever my brother Muhammad is with me. The sheep then gather around where I sit with my brother, and both I and the sheep gaze at his beautiful face”
Hazrat Qurtubi (ra) said that Allah allah Allah is Beauty and likes Beauty did not reveal His Messenger’s (saw) entire splendour because the people would not have able to bare it
“How can the beauty of Yusuf ever compare to you?
He was the beloved of Zulaikha: you are the beloved of Allah allah Allah is Beauty and likes Beauty
Veiled in the secret of humanity is your flawless beauty
Unknown to all that you are part of the beauty of Allah allah Allah is Beauty and likes Beauty